Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingTM

I trained and qualified under Dr. Richard Bandler the co-creator of this break through psychological technology known as NLPTM. NLPTM can be described in many ways and I think the best way to put it is that NLPTM is the art and science of personal change. Dr. Bandler believed that we form beliefs and then create behaviours to validate these beliefs which for the most part happens unconsciously. Basically we act as we think and do as we feel.

Neuro stands for the brain and acknowledges that all beliefs, feelings and behaviours stem from a neurological process. This process is based on our sensory system which is visual (sight), auditory (hear), gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell), kinaesthetic (feel and sense of touch).

Linguistic refers to the language and behaviours we use and how we use it. This is principally how we communicate and relate to the world.

Programming is the process we chose to organize our thoughts ideas and actions to get results. Otherwise it can be referred to as conditioning. As often stated "if you always do what you have always done you will always get the same results" Do it differently and get different results! Using the vast treasure chest of strategies and techniques that NLPTM has to offer you can learn to change your beliefs, alter how you perceive events in your life and change your behaviours which can greatly enhance you life. Remember the beauty about NLPTM is that you make the changes, not the practitioner and that is what makes NLPTM such an empowering tool.

A phobia can be eliminated in less than an hour where as in the past with traditional therapy it could take years. I share the belief that change can take place in a moment. Unfortunately most people wait for things to happen before they eventually decide to change. Change is all about personal choice and responsibility. Often time's people are under the illusion that others make them change. Of course there are many skilled practitioners who can help you feel a little better but you make the ultimate change by using the magnificent power of your own mind.

NLPTM is also a highly effective tool and can be used to overcome Shyness, Enhance Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Irritability, Anger, Creative Blocks, Fears and Phobias, Performance Anxiety and Goal Planning. NLPTM is commonly used in the corporate world to improve sales, Motivation, Customer Service, Target Planning, Rapport Building, Team Work and Stress Management.


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